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Elastic V. SOLR — Is there one right choice?

June 27, 2018

This week on the show founder of Boston-based KMW Technology, Kevin Watters, joins BA Insight CTO Sean Coleman for a discussion of the technical and organizational merits of these two powerful platforms — Elastic and SOLR — from their open source roots to integrations with other systems to core features of each.

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Microsoft’s Development of More Personalized and Intelligent Search Solutions

June 5, 2018

Mark Kashman returns to the show today to talk about the mountains of content we create every day, and the deeply personalized and intelligent search tools companies like Microsoft are building to help users, IT, and developers better support their users.

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Mark Christianson climbs mountains of data at Mars

May 21, 2018

User experience is a key element in ensuring that users are able to drill into the search results when they need them. Mars’ Mark Christianson walks through the mountains of data at the company and how his teams help users use it.

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Diving Head-First into Taxonomies with Helen Lippell

May 7, 2018

Helen Lippell helps to demystify smart taxonomies and clean up messy content in your CMS to increase relevant results across enterprise search.

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Nationwide’s Ted Williams Discusses Why Enterprise Search Fails and the Importance of Staffing It

April 23, 2018

Computers can do a lot, but they can’t do it all. This week, Nationwide’s Ted Williams shares platform stories, and the critical factor of human intervention in truly useful enterprise search.

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Overcoming Enterprise Search Challenges with Architect Bob Bachand

April 18, 2018

Bob Bachand serves as search architect for a major Fortune 100 organization. As such, he’s accustomed to dealing with the complexities of unifying the search experience for his users across platforms and applications.

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Jeff Fried’s Top 10 Predictions for 2018

January 16, 2018

We’ve wrapped up a remarkably eventful year in search and this week on the show, BA Insight CTO Jeff Fried will share his top 10 predictions for 2018 across the search landscape.

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The State of AI in Search

December 28, 2017

Jeff shares a report on the state of AI in enterprise search as he wraps 2017 with a whirlwind of speaking and learning.

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Lessons on Implementing Information Management

December 14, 2017

We’re talking about information today, specifically, how we implement and utilize the tools and software at our disposal to improve the way we interact with our information when we need it.

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Bonus: Live from European SharePoint 2017 with Christian Buckley

December 7, 2017

CollabTalk founder and CEO Christian Buckley is back this week, sitting down with CTO Jeff Fried at the European SharePoint Convention 2017 in Dublin, Ireland.

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