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Professional Services & Legal Industry Perspective — What’s Working & What’s Coming In Technology?

Richard Harbridge serves as Chief Technology Officer and an owner of 2toLead. In his work, his writing and speaking, he’s become an invaluable resource to our community. He’s a trusted advisor to hundreds of organizations, helping them understand their current and future technology needs. To the rest of us, he’s an outspoken contributor to the field; an internationally recognized expert in Microsoft technology as well as marketing and professional services. It is thanks to his widely regarded expertise in this last area that he joins us on Shared Insights today as we take on technology trends impacting the professional services and legal industry: what’s working, and what is yet to come on our technology road ahead? 

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Shared Insights is a podcast about modernizing enterprise search and intranets to improve employee collaboration and productivity. From customer stories to behind-the-scenes tales from our own developers, we aim to share what makes our approach to finding and accessing content across the enterprise a transformative force.
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