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Everything that was science fiction when we were kids is now real with futurist Sid Probstein

Artifacts and dreams of our science fiction childhood are coming to pass at a greater rate than ever before. Even the elusive flying car seems to be getting some traction. But what about the tools and technologies that hover around us that help us get our work done every day? Our phones have replaced hundreds of individual products in our lives and yet we see this as obvious today.

This week on the show author, speaker, and futurist Sid Probstein joins us to talk about the perils of prediction in technology, and the delights that come at the end of the trending rainbow.

About Sid Probstein

Product and technology leader with entrepreneurial background in startups, enterprise software, cloud, messaging & collaboration systems, search engines, natural language processing, big data, machine learning, AI, remote & distributed product development, etc. Python and recent c# hacker. Social media and live music fan. Author, speaker and futurist.

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