Nathan Chase & Jeremy Thompson from

As a part of our series on the movie sites we love, you’d probably guess that we couldn’t go very far without talking to Nathan Chase and Jeremy Thompson, the team behind Over the years, Flickchart has become central to our own ranking of films we review on this show, and offers a fun — if enormously frustrating at times — paradigm for stack ranking our favorites. It’s at once a service and an addiction, and we’re thrilled to be able to sit down with Nathan and Jeremy to hear how it all came to be. We talk about the origins of the site and founding philosophy. We explore the technical underpinnings of the site and how the technology has had to scale to keep up with growth and complexity. Most importantly, we get to hear a little bit about Flickchart 2.0, and get a firm non-committal committal of a specific though frustratingly vague launch date … No, we can’t wait to get our hands on it either.

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