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Terrors of the Deep

The oceans hold unfathomable mysteries and horrors in their lightless depths. In this episode, Kyle Olson returns to lead the hosts of Sitting in the Dark—Tommy Metz III, Ray DeLancey, and Pete Wright—as they dive deep to confront three tales of terror from beneath the waves.

They begin with 1989’s DeepStar Six, recounting the ill-fated mission of an underwater military base beset by a monstrous intruder. The claustrophobic setting evokes our deepest fears of the unknown. Next comes Leviathan, another 1989 underwater thriller with corporate greed unleashing abominations from the abyssal plains. We probe the human hubris that lies beneath these aquatic nightmares.

Finally, we reach 2020’s Underwater, finding glimmers of hope amidst oceanic alien beasts. Kristen Stewart anchors this thoughtful look at sacrifice and humanity’s relentless spirit of exploration.

While the terrors lurk in every murky depth, so too does wonder, adventure, and our indomitable need to understand. Join us as we plumb the lightless parts of ourselves and emerge stronger. The ocean calls to us with ancient songs of fear and freedom. Will we have the courage to listen?

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A podcast exploring horror in film across classics and subgenres with Kyle Olson, Tommy Metz, Kynan Dias, Pete Wright, and more.
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