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Lost in Translation: Deciphering the Unknown

Tommy is in the big chair leading us on a journey of discovery that leads… nowhere. That’s right, what do you get when you are forced to reckon the horrors of miscommunication? It’s nothing good… that’s what. The Mothman Prophecies, Dark Skies, and Midsommar are all on deck this week!

And, because Tom’s new character is so satisfying, here’s the read-along version of his introduction!

Hello boils and ghouls, CHOP of the morning to you! And welcome back to another chilling DEAD-isode of Sitting in The Dark! I’m your ghost host, Vomis Wesley Pest the Turd, but don’t worry kiddies, I’m not alone. As they say, four DEADS are better than one! First up to BAT (the kind with wings) is The Podcast Daddy himself, BEAT FRIGHT, I mean Pete Wright! Want more good NOOSE? Then AXE-tra AXE-tra BLEED all about it, we’re also joined by the DIE-Abolical genius Vile Olson, I mean Kyle Olson! And of course, the MORGUE the merrier, so let’s also welcome SLAY DIE-ANTS-FLEE, I mean Ray DeLancy! OH! And it looks like my DEADER half is finished with his MOAN call, so I’ll hand the microBONE back to him. Have a good podcast and pleasant SCREAMS!

Film Sundries

A podcast exploring horror in film across classics and subgenres with Kyle Olson, Tommy Metz, Kynan Dias, Pete Wright, and more.
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