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Mand in the end…

The Mandys dish on adult nocturnal surprises, Mandy’s London adventures, and what’s coming next for each of them… and this show.

OK, so that last part isn’t all roses. The Mandcave is officially coming to an end. Thanks to everyone for your support and participation these last three years.

Nuts and bolts: We’re canceling any recurring membership charges effective today. But we’re not canceling memberships themselves so you’ll still be able to access member and bonus content if you want to trip down memory lane with old episodes. As long as you members don’t unsubscribe from the member podcast, you’re golden.

As we mentioned, Mandy’s new film, Jess Plus None, is coming out this summer. Please head over to the website and follow the socials for details as they’re released. And Mandy’s new show, “Make Me A Nerd,” is launching soon on TruStory FM. The webpage isn’t built yet, but we’ll let you know when it is. VERY SOON!

If you have any questions about membership, hit up Pete and the TruStory guys at Otherwise, thanks again and we’ll be seeing you in that great podcast farm upstate!

The only podcast hosted by best friends who have nothing in common except their names.

Mandy Kaplan and Mandy Fabian are both Mandys, and both best friends, but that’s where their commonalities end. MandCave is the podcast that lives between them.