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Mr. & Mrs. (Mandy) Smith

Mandy and Mandy are back with a heated discussion on the new Prime Video series “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”… or is it? The intercontinental BFFs dive into the confusing world of Hollywood IP and question if this show has anything to do with the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie blockbuster. (Hardly) Sparks fly as the Mandys debate the merits of this slow-burn spy drama. Will Donald Glover’s charisma be enough to keep Mandy invested? Can Maya Erskine win over a skeptical Mandy? And what’s up with Paul Dano being credited as “Hot Neighbor”?! Tune in for laughs, rants, and a rare moment of agreement over the ongoing hot flash saga and which audiobook is leaving Mandy cold.

The only podcast hosted by best friends who have nothing in common except their names.

Mandy Kaplan and Mandy Fabian are both Mandys, and both best friends, but that’s where their commonalities end. MandCave is the podcast that lives between them.

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