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The Mandys are Up Scream Without a Paddle


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It’s Scream time. The Mandys hook up with Ghostface in this requel of the classic Wes Craven Scream and the gang’s all here: Syd, Gail, Dewey, Dennis Quaid’s kid, the girl from In The Heights, "good actress", the guy who looks like miniature Chris Hemsworth, Football Trope, Emo movie nerd, MagGuffin, and Sheriff Judy.

Mandy doesn’t love horror movies, but don’t worry, Mandy makes her go. Right after they catch up on The Morning Show season 2… oh, and before they play the PHOBIA GAME! Sometimes you have to wonder… do they know they’re putting all this good stuff on the Internet? Should someone remind them?

Nah, better not.

The only podcast hosted by best friends who have nothing in common except their names.

Mandy Kaplan and Mandy Fabian are both Mandys, and both best friends, but that’s where their commonalities end. MandCave is the podcast that lives between them.

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