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221@2x mandcave woman in the window

The Mandy in the House Across the Street from the Mandy in the Window

Our opening course this week is a quick review of Something Rotten currently playing at 5-Star Theatricals. It’s a bawdy tale of the Bard which, by the time you hear this, you won’t be able to see most likely as the Los Angeles run is over on February 13, 2022. But we want to leave you with this note: the show is decidedly not dumb, and if you have a chance to see anything else headlining Justin Michael Wilcox, you take that chance because he’s a phenom.

Our main course is the Netflix puzzler, “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window,” the Kristen Bell puzzler that definitely keeps you guessing, and might actually have you laughing, too.

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