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The Mandys Invite You Up Here

The Mandys exercise their musical muscles with Mae Whitman and crew in Hulu’s “Up Here.” Get ready to sing.

Along the way, Mandy has a report from the red carpet on the heels of her feature film premiere, Jess Plus None. She has positive reports on the state of Marmite and assorted stinky cheeses. Mandy saw Shazaam: Fury of the Gods and, against all odds, had a ball. Randy Rainbow has a book that is as funny as the Rainbow brand, and Chelsea Handler’s special is funny, even for noobs.

The only podcast hosted by best friends who have nothing in common except their names.

Mandy Kaplan and Mandy Fabian are both Mandys, and both best friends, but that’s where their commonalities end. MandCave is the podcast that lives between them.