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The Trouble with Transitions: Task Switching and ADHD

Changing gears is hard with ADHD. Moving from one thing to the next can feel like a chore and the range of emotions is wide. Distracted by too many options and moving too quickly? Stuck in hyperfocus and angry or frustrated that you’re being shocked into a transition too soon? That’s the point today. Moving from one state to the next, one activity to the next, is enough to throw the world into disarray. But this is the world we live in. So how can we learn to adapt?

Dr. Thomas Brown has some terrific insights when it comes to this subject and we talk about his work a bit as a framing device: Activation, Focus, and Effort. These are the three executive functions that help us understand why our transition skills might be lacking, and giving ourselves a bit more care and feeding in these areas can pay big dividends.

Pete does mention his love of big clocks that set themselves. He has La Crosse Technology Atomic Clocks all over his house.

From planning to setting the right expectations, if you have trouble with transitions, this show is for you.

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