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Returning to a Post-Pandemic World

The last year has been traumatic. For all of us. In some way or another, we’ve been impacted by COVID and it’s upended our lives. We’re talking about transitions on the show in this series and coming to terms with the change we’ve endured in the last 18 months will be important in defining what we want the coming years to look like.

As inspiration, Nikki started with an article by Sari Solden, Imagining Life After the Pandemic: Helping Women with ADHD Move Forward with Purpose. In it, Solden outlines her ADHD-friendly blueprint for re-imagining life in a post-pandemic world.

But she wrote the article just a few months ago and we’re already shaken by the changes in the world since. As rapidly as events evolve around is, we’re challenged to adapt more quickly than ever. Feeling guilty about the things you didn’t get done? Loving that you don’t have to say “no” so much these days simply because you’ve been invited to do so much less? Worried about your rituals and losing what you’ve gained in the last year?

You’re not alone. All that and our own reflections on our collective return to a new world, one in which we exist with a new kind of pandemic, and adapt our behaviors to whatever that may bring us and those we love.

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