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Manage Your Time, Not Your Systems

Here’s the case: a busy professional is struggling with 20-25 overdue, bright red tasks in their task management system every morning. But they have a great system! They know exactly what work needs to get done at any given time. So, why aren’t they getting the work out the door?

Because of time, dear friends, time.

This week on the show, Pete has a walk through a few task systems in an effort to build our own, and help this busy client to get the most important work done without feeling horrible about the rest. Along the way, we talk about Getting Things Done, David Allen’s system of stress-free productivity that appears to cause more stress than it curbs, The Eisenhower Matrix, Kanban, Scrum, and Agile Results.

There is a lot to think about in this episode. Remember, you don’t have to pick one and roll with it for the rest of your professional life! In this episode, we’re picking and choosing the systems that make the most sense for us with an eye toward managing our time, not our tools.

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