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Imposter Syndrome, Rejection Sensitivity, and Your ADHD with Mallory Band

You know it, you live it, you suffer through it: It’s IMPOSTER SYNDROME! This week on the show, executive function coach Mallory Band joins us to talk about the weight of the imposter on our shoulders and how we might use the lessons of executive functioning to shake free of it.

We start with a walk through imposter syndrome and how it manifests in our lives. Because it’s not just the imposter weighing on us, it’s the compound pressure of anxiety, fear, compulsive behaviors, and more that all play a role in how we see the person we see in the mirror.

Mallory wrote two pieces for ADDitude over the course of the last year on the subject. ‘How my Imposter Syndrom Sapped Me of Myself,’ which she followed up with, ‘How the Pandemic’s Uncertainty Forced Me to Become More Secure in Myself,’ both available to read for free. Connect with Mallory on LinkedIn and learn more about her work at Essig Education Group.

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