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Learning to Love Your ADHD Story with James Ochoa

Our friend James Ochoa is back! This week we’re talking about the lessons you can learn from inflection points in your ADHD journey. What did you learn? What did you gain? What can come from it?

We start with an event. Take some time in a grounded space, and think of an event from your past that we either positive or problematic in relation to your experience with ADHD. For Pete, it was an experience early in his freelance career, something that still causes physical discomfort twenty years later.

Next, ask yourself these life-transformation questions:

  1. What did I learn from the event?
  2. What strengths did you gain from going through this experience?
  3. What hope came out of this experience?
  4. What wisdom was gathered in going through this?
  5. What new knowledge do you now have?

James suggests using this exercise as a resource journal of life experiences and memories, a place to catalog the positive experiences and process the challenges over time.

This week, James leads Pete through the exercise and conjures up all that old discomfort and quite a few laughs, all to rewire old experiences for the better.

Learn more about James, his work, and his ADHD Town Halls on his website right here!

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