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When we finally stop pretending we don’t have ADHD with guest Eric Tivers

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We’re wrapping up our series on limiting beliefs this week with a conversation on the shame that comes with ADHD challenges, and the relief that comes when you arrive on the other side of it and can stop pretending you don’t have ADHD. Our guest is Eric Tivers, therapist, coach, podcaster, productivity specialist, and all-around fantastic part of the ADHD community and his insights into shame and the connection to our beliefs that hold us back are bound to change the way you think about your ADHD. 

Even better? It’s a cross-over episode! Want to hear more? Jump over the ADHD ReWired and hear Eric interview us! If you missed the Facebook Live broadcast from a few weeks back, you should be able to find us on episode 157 of Eric’s terrific show

About Eric Tivers

Eric Tivers is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, coach, podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, and productivity specialist. He is best known as the host of the incredibly popular ADHD ReWired podcast. Eric is also considered a leader in online, video-based group coaching. He’s a dad, a musician, he plays frisbee golf and calls himself a perfectionist in recovery. 

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