Linda Odom and the Sacred Dialog of Dreams

Hey everybody,

Happy New Year. As this episode drops for members, it is New Years Day, and we made it. We made it to 2021. We closed the door on 2020 and are on to something new.

But are we, really? What is 2021 more than an arbitrary flip of a calendar page? It is powerful to so many of us because we invest that power in the New Year. I’m not great at resolutions. I don’t usually set them myself, but I know more than a few people who live by their resolutions, who are able to make change in their lives in no small part because they believe in the power of change that comes in our collective embrace of transformation at the New Year.

Why do I say all that. Because our guest this week is a practitioner in the language of dreams. Now, I know as a reasonably experienced student of self that dreams are powerful. But, like the New Year, our dreams are only as powerful as the investment we make in learning about them… understanding them.

Linda Odom is a gatekeeper of sorts. She’s a clinical psychologist in Nashville and while much of her work is around healing and recovery, she has a special knack for dreamwork. She teaches classes and workshops in which she teaches people how to access their own inner guidance through the language of dreams.

Here’s an interesting lesson learned for me, in fact. I tend to be somewhat cavalier about my dreams. I’ll talk about them casually as a good source for table humor at dinner, that sort of thing. After just a few minutes with Linda, working through her simple exercise at the end of this episode, she had me. I was a mess. In fact, I think I’ve turned to realize just how disrespectful I’ve been in treating my own dreams as superficial comedy when they’re working so hard to be my teachers.

Our great thanks to Linda for her time to sit down with Dodge and educate us all. And thanks to you, as always, for your commitment to the work.

— Pete

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