Ted and Brad Klontz and Finding Financial Peace in the Money Mammoth

Hey everybody… it’s Pete.

Raise your hand if you’ve never had any challenges with money. Look around. See that? You’re all alone.

OK, all gimmicks aside, it’s money week and that’s scary. Jobs won and lost. Health care, insurance, education. Bills coming due. Major, unexpected expenses. It’s no understatement to say that how we relate to money defines how we relate to the world around us.

Ted Klontz is back on the show with us this week. Last time he came around he was talking about readiness for change. What we didn’t cover in that conversation is a non-trivial part of his career: financial behavior. And he doesn’t do it alone.

Brad Klontz, Ted’s son, is a founder of the Financial Psychology Institute and an associate professor in Financial Psychology at Creighton University. He’s spent much of his professional career helping people with money and wealth issues and together with his father has written books such as Wired for Wealth, and Mind over Money. Their latest, Money Mammoth, dives deep into the psychological barriers that stand between us and our financial success.

Talking about money out loud is terrifying for a lot of us. Together, Brad and Ted help us to approach this subject with a little less trepidation thanks to the knowledge that we’re not doing it alone — many of us feel this way, and many of us are looking for change. We hope you find a dose of that change today in their conversation with Dodge Rea.

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