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"What do you feel like doing tonight?"

After writing his teleplay for “Marty,” it wasn’t long before Hollywood asked Paddy Chayefsky to adapt his script for a feature film. And it’s a good thing he did too — he won his first Oscar for his screenplay. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we finish our Paddy Chayefsky series with Delbert Mann’s 1955 film “Marty.” We talk about our feelings for the film and how, while the story of a man with image issues who finally finds love is touching, it still feels very slight. We discuss the actor who plays Marty — the wonderful Ernest “the beef” Borgnine — how he’s made his mark indelibly in our heads, and whether this role felt like the right one for him or not. We chat about the other actors nominated for supporting roles — Betsy Blair and Joe Mantell — and how their roles fit within the context of this story about Marty (and whether they deserved Oscar nominations for their performances). And we discuss Chayefsky’s interesting writing, not just here but in all 3 films, and look at what themes he’s repeating and why. It’s a good film that won Best Picture in 1955 and, while perhaps not as relevant today, is still an interesting film to catch up with. We have a great time talking about it, so tune in!

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