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Out of the Past

“You’re like a leaf that the wind blows from one gutter to another."

The two films most often cited as the ultimate representations of film noir are Billy Wilder’s 1944 film “Double Indemnity” and Jacques Tourneur’s 1947 film “Out of the Past.” Tourneur’s film gives us Robert Mitchum at his laconic best, Jane Greer at her sexiest and Kirk Douglas in one of his earliest roles but already defined by his machismo. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we continue our Film Noir series with “Out of the Past.” We talk about what we love about it and how well it represents film noir, as well as the convoluted plot which certainly seems to get more complicated as it progresses. We look at that plot and question how much it affects the viewing of the film or if the noirish nature of the story allows for one to look past the plot and just focus on the mood. We chat about the talent, like Mitchum, Greer and Douglas as well as others, and what they bring to the table with each of their well-written characters. We discuss the crew, including Tourneur, and how their work helps shape this film. And we pine for the 1987 SNL skit with Mitchum and Greer in which they did a spoof of this classic called ‘Out of Gas.’ It’s a brilliant film noir and just a brilliant film — one of our favorites. We have a great time talking about it. Tune in!

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