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The Next Reel • Season 13 • Series: 1988 Academy Awards Best Visual Effects Nominees • RoboCop


“Dead or alive, you are coming with me.”

In 1987, screenwriters Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner developed an original story idea while working on the set of Blade Runner. They envisioned a dystopian future where privatized police forces maintained law and order. After pitching the concept to studios, Orion Pictures greenlit the production of RoboCop, directed by Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue the 1988 Academy Awards Best Visual Effects Nominees series with a conversation about RoboCop.

Here’s a hint at what we talk about:

We dive into the amazing practical effects created by Rob Bottin and Phil Tippett, including RoboCop himself, ED-209, the toxic waste scenes, and more. We discuss Paul Verhoeven’s unique directorial vision and how he used over-the-top violence to achieve a satirical tone. The film’s sharp and funny social satire provides critical commentary on privatized policing and corporate greed that still resonates today.

Here are a few other points in our discussion:

  • Great performance from Peter Weller as Murphy/RoboCop, plus the rest of the cast
  • The love/hate relationship with the corporate characters
  • How the 2014 remake compared to the original

RoboCop is a classic sci-fi action film that struck a delicate balance between intense action and dark comedy. We have a great time talking about it, so check it out then tune in. The Next Reel – when the movie ends, our conversation begins!

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