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The Bourne Supremacy

"Word in the ether was you'd lost your memory."

Jason Bourne’s back, still trying to figure out his past as a government assassin while struggling to stay ahead of both the good and bad guys as they attempt to take him out. This week, we’re covering the 2004 film, “The Bourne Supremacy”, the second in the Bourne franchise.

Paul Greengrass took over as director after Doug Liman’s struggles with the studio brass on the first film, and he does a bang-up job – quite literally, in fact. He brings a much more in-the-action style to the story, making it feel like you’re in the fights with Jason Bourne. Or for some people, just making them nauseated – there’s a reason some people call this style “queasicam”.

Join us as we – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – talk about the movie this week. We discuss the directing styles of Greengrass vs. Liman and the cohesiveness of the two styles in the series. We chat about the amazing stuntwork and how it really brings a level of reality to the story. We cover the amazing actors and performances in the film, as well as talk about the amazing crew who brought it all together. We talk more about Bourne versus Bond. We discuss the complicated plot twists in the overall story, even if they don’t entirely work. And we also give props to a few people we forgot to mention in the last episode, other key players who helped make “The Bourne Identity” what it was. Listen in!

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