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The Fifth Element

"Leeloo Dallas mool-ti-pass."

There’s something about the wacky sci-fi fantasy eye-gasm The Fifth Element that is very divisive. On one side, it’s a bizarre, nonsensical, mess that hardly has a story worth talking about. On the other, it’s groundbreaking in its visual effects, inventive in its production and costume design, and a romping, mind-numbing good time. While the characters who aren’t weird muppet-y aliens would be better served by actually being cartoons, they’re played by big-name actors who all get into their roles with undeniable fervor and relish. It’s amazing how much of a mess the film is, yet a lot of people really dig it.

Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — on this week’s episode as we conclude our Luc Besson series with this film that Pete really enjoys and Andy really doesn’t. We talk about what doesn’t work in this film, which is really a lot, yet how for so many, the film is still an utter joy to watch. We chat about all the actors, including Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm, Gary Oldman, and Chris Tucker, and what they bring to the table. We talk about the gorgeous visuals and how they really stood out at the time and still stand out as an amazing world created by a visionary director who knows how to craft images. And we talk about how this film came out of a 16-year-old Besson’s imagination and really feels like that original vision he had is probably not too far from what we ended up seeing on the screen. It’s an interesting mess and we have a great time talking about it. Listen in!

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