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Underworld: Awakening

“Imagine... our species immune to silver!”

By the time the Underworld franchise swung around to the fourth entry, it largely had a new team behind all of it. Sure, Len Wiseman was still on as producer and story and Kate Beckinsale was still leading the charge as Selene the vampire death dealer, but they join new writers, directors, crew, and cast. So how does this new direction for the franchise hold up? Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our Underworld series with Måns Mårlind’s and Björn Stein’s 2012 film Underworld: Awakening.

We talk about the return to this world and debate the creative decisions in how they move the story forward while leaving the look largely locked in from the previous films. We look at what this new cast is doing and how well they work. We ponder the many tropes included in this film. And we debate new elements added to werewolf and vampire lore.

It’s a bit of a mess of a film, but did we have fun watching it? Yes we did. So check it out then tune in to this week’s show. The Next Reel – when the movie ends, our conversation begins!

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