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Recapping The 2023 P2P Top 30, Benchmarks & Trends

At the 2024 Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum conference in Philadephia, we unveiled the P2P Fundraising Top 30 programs for both the U.S. and Canada. This study compiled data from  134 programs, making it the largest P2P study ever. 

In this special solo episode, P2PPF’s Marcie Maxwell digs into the newly unveiled 2023 Top 30, highlighting top success stories, key benchmarks and trends to watch for 2024.

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U.S. P2P Top 30 Study

Canadian P2P Top 30 Study

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As peer-to-peer fundraising professionals, we are inherently passionate people. Passionate about our missions, our fundraisers, our events, and our campaigns. We barely shy away from sharing our opinions. Whether it’s the debate between back-to-basics, or searching for the next big idea, the battle of retention versus recruitment, or even our very strong feelings about T-shirts and registration fees.

Welcome to The P2P Soapbox, a brand new podcast that amplifies the voices of our peer-to-peer fundraising community and gives us a platform — a soapbox, if you will — to discuss the hot topics facing our industry.

Join your host and P2P BFF, Marcie Maxwell, the Managing Director of the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum, as she sits down with industry peers and leaders, delving deep into their soapbox issues, sharing best practices, and celebrating success stories.

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