About a Boy

"In my opinion, all men are islands, and what's more, now's the time to be one. This is an island age."

We continue our Romantic Comedy series with a film that really puts that genre to the test — 2002’s About a Boy, directed by Chris and Paul Weitz. Is it a RomCom? Is it a comedy drama? Or a RomComDram? It’s hard to say, but it is a great film that is full of honesty, heart, and human connection. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we talk about this great film. We discuss Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult as the two leads (who both also co-narrate the film), what they bring to the film, and why they both make everything in the film feel so believable. We talk about the amazing Toni Collette who grounds the film with an amazing character turn that creates a great counterpoint to the growing friendship between Grant’s and Hoult’s characters. We discuss the Weitz brothers and the interesting paths their directing has taken them. We chat about the cinematography, costume designs, and production design and what they do for the world of this film. And we discuss the great ear worms in this movie. It’s a great film, whatever it’s genre, and we love talking about it. Tune in!

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