"Come on, now. Don't be naive, lieutenant. We both know how careers are made. Integrity is something you sell to the public."

Steve McQueen was one of the coolest actors out there. He brought amazing performances to the screen time and time again. The Magnificent Seven.  Papillon. The Thomas Crowne Affair. The Great Escape. The Getaway. The Sand Pebbles. The list goes on. In 1968, he played Frank Bullitt in Peter Yates’ film Bullitt, and brought incredible realism, sensitivity and intelligence to the role of a San Francisco policeman. He also brought his desire to create realistic car chases, and because of this ended up a part the granddaddy of all car chases put on film.  

Join us—Pete Wright and Andy Nelson—for this week’s episode as we begin our Great Car Chase Series with this fun film. We talk about what works in the film (performances, real locations, stunts) and what doesn’t (the story). We chat about the great performers all through the film, as well as the amazing crew helping put it together. And we chat about the car chase, what it’s done for the world of stuntwork, as well as what the cars were that were involved in the dramatic 10-minute chase. It’s a fun chat starting us off in a new series. Listen in!

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