Glengarry Glen Ross

“The good news is you’re fired.”

David Mamet won the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 with his play “Glengarry Glen Ross.” The play really exemplified Mamet-speak and its transition to film retained that, despite the fact that it took eight years to make it to the silver screen. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our David Mamet as Screenwriter series with James Foley’s 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross. We talk about its transition from stage play to film, what changed, what was added, and how it works. We discuss the cast and how strong it is (even if it’s all white guys) – Pacino, Lemmon, Harris, Arkin, Spacey, Baldwin, Price – and how they manage Mamet’s script. We chat about Foley and his filmography, looking at how this one fits into the mix. And we get into some of the technical aspects, looking at the look and music. It’s a brilliant script that makes for a very strong film, certainly one worth watching and discussing. Check it out then tune in!

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