My Dinner with André

"Well, you look terrific!" "Well, I feel terrible."

My Dinner With André is certainly not an easy film to classify. It certainly is a film that could be considered divisive, but that’s really between people who get into it and people who just don’t click with it. It is a film of two people having a conversation over dinner, after all. But to many, it is one of Louis Malle’s classics, a film that makes many lists of great films, and a film that inspires conversation. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we have our own conversation about this film that fits in our 1981 film series. We talk about how the film worked for us when we first saw it and how it hit us on this most recent viewing. We look at what the film is really about, why it works and why it draws us in. We discuss the origins of the film and how Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory came up with the idea, wrote it, got it into Malle’s hands and ended up making the film. And we chat about how everyone needs to get their own Wallace and Andre action figures, the kind that Corky has in Waiting for Guffman. It’s a great film, albeit one we wouldn’t put on too often, but certainly one that inspires a fantastic conversation. Tune in!

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