Raising Arizona

“Son, you got a panty on your head."

It’s time for some laughs! Kicking off our series of Coen brother comedies, we jump in with the second film of theirs, “Raising Arizona.” Coming after “Blood Simple,” they certainly went 180 degrees with this wild comedy. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we talk about this hilarious 1987 film. We talk about why the film works for us and what we like about it — and why it’s so stinkin’ funny! We discuss the performances — Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, John Goodman, William Forsythe, Trey Wilson, Frances McDormand and more — and look at what they bring to the table and why they all work so well in this film. We chat about the Coens and where this fits into their balancing act of serious and funny films. We talk about Barry Sonnenfeld and his amazing camera work, looking at what it does to benefit this film. We relish the yodeling stylings from Carter Burwell and the amazing voice of John R. Crowder, and delight in the perfect setting created by the production design team. And we touch on the real Arizona where the movie was filmed and how this movie fits in the state in which Andy lives. It’s one of our favorites and we love talking about it. Tune in!

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