“Razzle dazzle!”

Harold Ramis made his big screen debut acting in Ivan Reitman’s 1981 military comedy “Stripes,” which he also co-wrote for Reitman, having worked on “Animal House” and “Meatballs” with him a few years before. He’d go on to appear in a number of films throughout his career, and generally played the straight man to people like Bill Murray. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our Harold Ramis series with 1981’s “Stripes.” We talk about how this film may have worked in the past but how it didn’t really work well for us in the present. We chat about the comedy and why some of it works but why much of it falls flat, possibly due to the editing, or the writing, or the directing, or the performances, or the time period, or all of it. We discuss the structure of the script and why it really should have ended after the second act. And we go through the talent, from Murray and Ramis to the wonderful old timer Warren Oates and all of the first timers popping up here all babyfaced and eager to act. It’s not a film that we really clicked with while knowing that many hold it near and dear in their hearts. That being said, we still have a great time talking about it and spoiling it rotten. So check it out and tune in!

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