The Bank Job

"No robbers in here."

There’s something interesting about heist films because, generally, you’re rooting for criminals to pull off a heist and criminals usually aren’t who you’d expect to be your protagonist. But watching Roger Donaldson’s 2008 heist film The Bank Job, based on the real Baker Street Robbery in London 1971, you can’t help but root for Terry Leather and his imperfect gang as they not only rob the bank and pull off one of the biggest scores in London’s history, but actually get away with it too. Maybe that’s because the people after them are all much worse, and maybe that’s because you can’t help but side with Terry played wonderfully by Jason Statham. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we start our Heist series with this great movie. We discuss the story and how it fits within the true story — and what truth means in a film based on a true story anyway. We chat about the great cast and the complex script and how it all ties together perfectly. We touch on Donaldson and his career, looking at him as an effective filmmaker. And we discuss the look of the film — the cinematography, the costume design, and the production design — and how it plays an important role in bringing the swinging world of 1971 London to life. It’s a fun if raunchy film to start off our series. Tune in!

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