The Maltese Falcon

"What is it?" "The stuff dreams are made of."

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this week join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we talk about one of the most unforgettable films in the history of cinema, “The Maltese Falcon.” As a part of our periodic and ongoing John Huston series, this is a film we’ve looked forward to talking about for a great long while. We have a wonderful time discussing the importance of this film. 

It’s John Huston’s directorial debut, the film that gave Humphrey Bogart his leading man status, and it’s considered to be the first film in the film noir genre, a style known for its dark, gritty look; its cutting dialogue; its dark protagonist; and the lovely femme fatale.  We talk about what marks this film as the first film noir. We discuss the brilliant dialogue in the film and how well the actors are suited to their parts, saying the dialogue so perfectly that it still zings today. We chat about the great cast and crew on the film and their contributions. And we talk about how edgy this film was for 1941, yet how that somehow still carries over today, keeping it relevant as a film even if its script wouldn’t pass muster in today’s Hollywood. It’s a fantastic classic and a must-see, and we have a great time talking about it this week. Join us!

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