The Matrix

“You had your time. The future is our world, Morpheus. The future is our time.”

People often talk about the great movie year of 1999, and one of the great films that came out that year is ‘The Matrix,’ the film that made bullet-time a filmmaking standard and stunt wire work almost an expectation in action films. But it’s a great film because of its script, written by Lana née Larry and Andy Wachowski, who went on to co-direct it as well. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we delve into our next Listener’s Choice movie selection with ‘The Matrix.’ We talk about the script and how it works in the world of science fiction, but also how the script goes beyond that by including elements from a wide variety of other sources — religions, movie genres, writings and theories, etc. We discuss how well it does with these heavier and headier ideas, and if those elements matter when watching the film to make it enjoyable. We chat about the cast and crew and everything they’re bringing to the table to create this amazing world. We mention the film just had its 15th birthday and argue about whether it holds up as well as it first did or if it’s showing its age now. And we really have to deliberate with this versus several other films we’ve discussed in previous episodes when trying to rank it on Flickchart. It’s a great film that’s well worth talking about. Tune in!

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