The Parallax View

"I'm dead, Bill.  I just want to stay that way for a while."

We’re neck-deep in conspiracy this week, movie lovers, as we’re talking about one of the 70s great conspiracy theory thrillers – Alan J. Pakula’s “The Parallax View” from 1974, the second film in his unofficial paranoia trilogy.  It’s dark, it’s full of paranoia, and it’s got a crazy montage film in the middle that’s possibly being used by a secret government organization that’s trying to determine if you’re good material for an assassin.  Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – on this week’s episode of The Next Reel as we rattle on about the nature of paranoia and conspiracy, and how this film so brilliantly plays into them.  We’ll talk about how the film was designed to put people in large environments, giving a sense that these characters have no power in this world.  We’ll talk about the nature of voyeurism and how the way the film is shot plays into this as well, which also plays well into the role of the Parallax Corporation in the story.  And we, of course, talk about the montage in the middle of the film and what it’s doing there.  It’s a fantastic – and not really dated – film that’s worth talking about.  Listen in!