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The Big Question: Should I Get a Divorce? (Rebroadcast)

We’re gearing up for our fourth season which will begin in just a few weeks. Along the way, we’ve been reflecting on lessons learned in the last three seasons, reviewing which episodes have resonated with you. As such, we thought we’d use a bit of our break while we’re preparing new episodes, to share a few of our favorites from the first three seasons.

This is where it starts. You’re in a relationship that isn’t working. Maybe you both know it isn’t working. Maybe it’s just not working for you. But for whatever reason, your marriage is not quite so magical as it once was and you’re faced with the question: Should I get a divorce?

As you’ll hear, it turns out this is about more than just missing magic. Wrapped up in this question are issues of addiction and grief that can only be faced by courage. Love hurts. And sometimes the cure to the pain is facing the question head-on.

But, this is not an episode in which you’ll hear us encouraging you to get a divorce. All we’re asking you to do in your process is to face it, to do the hard thing, to ask more of yourself such that you may make it to the other side of what ever comes next. Stay or go, something will change.

Thanks to all of you for downloading and listening to this show. We appreciate your time, and attention, and fortitute. To new listeners, welcome aboard!

Seth Nelson is a Tampa based family lawyer known for devising creative solutions to difficult problems. In How to Split a Toaster, Nelson and co-host Pete Wright take on the challenge of divorce with a central objective — saving your most important relationships with your family, your former spouse, and yourself.
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