"People eat because they are hungry; I want to make food that makes people stop eating."

To start off a new year of Trailer Rewind Steve and JJ sit down for a meal with John Wells’ 2015 film Burnt. This was Pete’s pick because he just loves films set in restaurant kitchens almost as much as he loves zombie films. If only there were a film that combined those two genres!

This is the second pairing of Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, and JJ just eats it up. Steve, on the other hand was expecting something different, and found this didn’t quite suit his palate. 

Is it possible to enjoy a movie with an unlikable main character? Did Harvey Weinstein tamper too much by insisting that Alicia Vikander have a character written for her added to the script? How could Steve possibly think this was going to be like a heist film? Is Burnt about food or redemption, or both? Listen in for the first of many Trailer Rewind episodes this year that won’t give JJ a fright.