High Life

"Bums and losers. That’s what you are."

In the first episode of our Exiles In Space double feature Steve and JJ discuss Claire Denis’ first English language film, High Life. With the familiar faces of Juliette Binoche and Robert Pattinson leading this cast of exiles, it is easy to assume that this will be a conventional, and somewhat mainstream science fiction film. What Claire Denis delivers is far from it. This nonlinear tale challenges its audience with moments of brutality and violence as well as harshly unemotional displays of human sexuality.

They agree that it’s artfully made, that it has sci-fi elements, and that it is not an enjoyable or comfortable viewing experience. In their conversation, they briefly discuss their own reactions and responses to this film and what it could all mean. However, what they can’t tell you is what this film is going to mean to you.

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