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Exploring KubeVirt with Kevin Jackson

Virtual machines have long provided IT teams with important flexibility and isolation for running workloads. But as container adoption accelerates, how can organizations integrate their VM environments into modern infrastructure? On this episode of Trilio Insights, host Pete Wright explores KubeVirt with industry expert Kevin Jackson. 

KubeVirt brings virtual machines into the Kubernetes ecosystem, unifying VM and container management. With the VMware-Broadcom drama causing ripples across the industry, there’s renewed interest in open alternatives to proprietary virtualization. As a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubating project, KubeVirt shows promise in bridging legacy and cloud-native infrastructure.

Tune in as Pete and Kevin break down the KubeVirt project. Learn how it extends Kubernetes for managing VMs, walk through use cases, and discuss adoption challenges. You’ll come away with a 360-degree view on KubeVirt and how it might fit into your container strategy. The future of virtualization is coming into focus this week on Trilio Insights.

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