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Orchestrating the Cloud • OpenStack vs. Kubernetes with Kevin Jackson


In the premiere episode of Trilio Insights, host Pete Wright sits down with Kevin Jackson, Director of Product Management at Trilio, to discuss the relationship between two titans of cloud infrastructure technology – OpenStack and Kubernetes. Though often pitted against each other as competitors, Jackson argues these technologies actually have a complementary partnership.

OpenStack came first historically as an open source platform for managing data center resources like compute, networking, and storage. It operates as infrastructure-as-a-service, appealing most to IT engineers who want to easily control physical infrastructure. Kubernetes enables more granular management of resources at the application level. With its scalability and consistency, it caters more to developers who just want their code to run without worrying about infrastructure details.

Running OpenStack and Kubernetes together gives organizations the best of both worlds – the flexibility to manage both traditional and cloud native applications. Kubernetes brings an abstraction layer while OpenStack continues managing the physical nuts and bolts. Many organizations are still figuring out the optimal mix of the two technologies to meet their needs. The most mature infrastructure shops are finding success leveraging OpenStack and Kubernetes in tandem.

With unique insight from Trilio’s vantage point providing backup, recovery and disaster recovery solutions for both OpenStack and Kubernetes, Kevin sheds light on how these two technologies can work together despite their differing approaches. Their relationship is more complementary than competitive when used strategically.

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