2010: The Year We Make Contact

After reading Arthur C. Clarke’s sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s film, director Peter Hyams was very interested in transforming it into a film. After getting the blessing from Clarke and Kubrick, he set to work. But inevitably, he was fighting an uphill battle – making a sequel to a film that many people consider to be one of the greats. In the end, the film was received well enough and turned a profit at the box office. But how well does it hold up today? Join us as we wrap up our Odyssey series with Hyams’ 1984 film 2010.

We talk about the struggle with this film and why it is problematic right out of the gate, and why the problems are exacerbated when sitting next to Kubrick’s film (even if it does feel closer to Clarke’s original vision). We chat about the nature of HAL in this film and debate whether it’s okay to have turned ‘him’ into a good guy here. We look at Roy Scheider’s performance here and struggle with it because of our great love for the man and the films he starred in before this one. And we discuss the special effects throughout this film – largely quite good.

It’s a frustrating film that hasn’t held up well over time, but it still makes for a fascinating discussion. Tune in to this week’s show to join the chat. The Next Reel – when the movie ends, our conversation begins!

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