New York YMCA reflects on Hurricane Sandy lessons

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Gary Laermer, Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer of the YMCA of Greater New York, about lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy one year later. The YMCA of Greater New York was at ground zero for Hurricane Sandy. The Y was caught between dealing with the damage to several of its 22 facilities and using its resources to aid the displaced victims of the storm. Gary reflects on how nonprofits can better deal with crisis and bounce back. They also discuss how nonprofits within devastated communities are ideally suited to meet the needs of community members. As Gary points out, these needs are not always connected with money, and nonprofits need to distinguish between crisis problems and chronic problems that existed in the community before the disaster struck. Tune in for an episode that will educate, inspire, and prepare you for the crisis we hope you never have to face.