When Expectations Meet Your ADHD Reality: Finding Success in School and Life with Aron Croft

Aron Croft was set up for success: Great college, high expectations from an education-centered family. Then ADHD stepped in. Aron lives with inattentive ADHD once the structures of his early education were left behind on his journey to college, the struggles set it.

In fact, he struggled non-stop for 15 years before he discovered his relationship with ADHD. In spite of years of struggle, he’s since built a career of his own, from finding success in major corporations to starting his own coaching practice for students with ADHD.

This is a story about the conflict that exists between desire and expectation for success, and the reality of running into the brick wall of shame with a coach who has seen it from both sides.

You can learn more about Aron and his work at Hidden ADHD, and make sure to check out Aron’s Masterclass: “Get Sh*t Done With ADHD — Without Constant Stress and Self-Criticism (A Proven 3-Step Process)” while you’re there!

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