Harm Reduction with YouTube Influencer & Author Dr. Todd Grande

Do you love reading thrillers and mysteries? Or binging shows like Dexter on Netflix? If you do, you’re going to love this episode! We’re interviewing our very first podcast guest, Dr. Todd Grande, who is the author of Harm Reduction, a thriller of extraordinary psychological depth that explores the interactions of a therapist, a narcissistic serial killer, and a detective. Their lives intertwine and revolve around leveraging and holding a secret.

Dr. Grande is a content creator on YouTube, with 950k subscribers (he’ll likely reach 1 million before this episode airs). On his channel, he discusses the details of various news events, court cases, celebrities, serial killers, personality theory, mental health and much more.

Dr. Grande joins Bill and Megan on this episode to discuss his new book and to take a deep dive into the pathology of serial killers. Are they all narcissistic? Sociopaths? Psychopaths? All of the above? What are intricacies of various types, and do they overlap with other types of mental illness. For example, have you ever wondered about serial killers who also have OCD? Dr. Grande and Bill will discuss the personality types, led by Megan who will also discuss Dr. Grande’s other books, a series titled The Notorious Series. They will talk about:

  • The Psychology of Notorious Serial Killers (2021)
  • The Psychology of Notorious Church Killers (2022)
  • The Psychology of Notorious Celebrity Deaths (2022)

Don’t miss this fascinating talk with Dr. Grande.

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Dr. Todd Grande

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Note: We are not diagnosing anyone in our discussions, merely discussing patterns of behavior.

  • (00:00) – Welcome to It’s All Your Fault
  • (01:42) – Dr. Todd Grande and His Book Harm Reduction
  • (03:56) – What’s It About?
  • (04:46) – Why These Characters?
  • (06:49) – Narcissistic Serial Killers
  • (11:15) – Clusters A, B, & C
  • (15:19) – Low Numbers
  • (17:34) – Addiction
  • (18:15) – Tech and Serial Killers
  • (20:32) – Cues to Watch For
  • (23:01) – Dramatic Interests
  • (23:31) – Lack of Empathy
  • (26:12) – Serial Killer Character in Book
  • (28:41) – Not First Person
  • (30:38) – Inspiration for Writing Fiction
  • (31:54) – What would a mental health clinician learn from this book?
  • (34:08) – Any Follow-Up Planned?
  • (35:59) – Movie Adaptation?
  • (36:39) – Wrapping Up
  • (37:11) – The Notorious Series
  • (42:13) – Closing
  • (42:58) – Coming Next Week: Domestic Violence in Relationships 2-Part Interview