How an Ex-Con’s Bread Company Gave Rise to Second Chances for Others

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Genevieve Martin, Executive Director of the Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation, about the brand’s success with “Second Chance Employment” for people with criminal backgrounds. The goal of the newly created foundation is to offer inspiration and advice to businesses who want to join Dave’s as second chance employers.

Megan, Genevieve and Joe discuss:

  • How Joe can’t pronounce Genevieve and has no clue about U. S. or world geography.
  • The background of Dave’s Killer Bread and how it got it started with Dave Dahl, who founded the brand after he finished a 15-year prison sentence.
  • How Dave’s Killer Bread has opened its doors to people with criminal records and given them a second chance.
  • Why Dave’s Killer Bread started a foundation, instead of working with nonprofits, and how it’s funded.
  • The challenge of getting other businesses to join Dave’s in hiring people with criminal records.
  • How customers have responded to the program and their enthusiastic support for “second chances.”
  • How Dave’s is using the Second Chance Summit to educate other companies about their practices.
  • What’s the future of cause marketing for the Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation?

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