Zappos’ Goods for Good Provides Conscious Consumers A One-Stop Purpose Shop

Launched in November, Zappos’ Goods for Good is a one-stop shopping platform that aims to provide conscious consumers with a place they can shop their values.

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan talks with Anna Copilevitz, Charity Buyer & Project Manager at Zappos about this new platform that curates a wide variety of purpose-focused products, from vegan items to those that give back.

Megan and Anna discuss whether there was internal infighting between the cause areas (there wasn’t) and why Zappos decided to go wide instead of deep on making purpose-products accessible to as many customers as possible. While it’s still early days, we learn that the sustainability-focused brands seem to have hit a particular positive nerve among customers and employees.

The two also talk about why Zappos made the decision to incorporate purpose into their bread and butter (their products!) through Goods for Good, how they’re integrating storytelling into the platform and Anna’s vision for the future of purpose at Zappos.

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