Subaru and TerraCycle Are Keeping PPE Out Of Landfills (And You Should, Too!)

Personal protective equipment like masks and gloves are headed to a landfill near you. Here’s how Subaru and TerraCycle are helping to recycle them instead.

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With all of us wearing masks and gloves nearly every time we leave our homes due to the COVID pandemic, what’s the environmental impact of all this PPE?

As you can imagine, it’s NOT GOOD – particularly given these items are now considered contaminants and not recyclable through local recyclers.

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan talks to Kyle Riggs, North American Account Director, Zero Waste for TerraCycle, and Amy Strawbridge, Brand Partnerships & Experiential Marketing Manager for Subaru about their partnership that’s working to help Subaru and its customers recycle this PPE.

You’ll be amazed at how TerraCycle takes items like gloves and disposable masks and converts them into useful materials in a way that keeps these items OUT of landfills.

Amy also catches us up on the other incredible social impact programs Subaru has rolled out since COVID hit and Kyle gives us an update on how TerraCycle is keeping busy helping companies and schools keep recycling – even if they’re stuck at home.

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