Peace Tea And Vote.Org Encourage Gen Z’: Speak Your Peace’ This Election Season

This national election year during a global pandemic is more important than ever before and brands are standing up in a variety of ways to ensure consumers are well-informed about the how, when, where and why around voting this November.

One of those brands is Coca-Cola’s Peace Tea, which has done a variety of things to ensure its young consumers have the information they need this election season.

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan speaks with Danielle Fisher, director, refreshment tea brands for Coca-Cola North America about Peace Tea’s limited run of fun, commemorative “VOTE” cans. Danielle also discusses Peace Tea’s special ‘Sip and Scan’ icon that is being leveraged to direct their community to a wide variety of voting resources in partnership with

There’s never been a more critical time to support Gen Z in getting out to vote and Peace Tea is doing its part to make sure that happens this year.

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