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How Knowledge Management Guides Employee Journey Mapping with Luke Jamieson and Nate Brown

In this episode of Connected Knowledge, we explore how knowledge management can transform the employee experience and unlock greater engagement. Pete Wright is joined by CX experts Luke Jamison and Nate Brown, and together they dive into the power of the employee journey map and why knowledge management should be at the heart.

“Knowledge is the lifeblood of customer service. It’s either flowing or it’s not,” says Brown. When employees have easy access to living knowledge, they can serve customers with confidence and autonomy. This fuels engagement, innovation, and advocacy. Many companies excel at onboarding but then lose momentum in engaging employees. The employee journey map provides a holistic view across the entire arc – from hiring to retirement. This enables organizations to pinpoint friction and cultivate knowledge sharing.

Jamieson explains that most friction happens when new hires transition to managers who are focused on targets over nurturing talent. He emphasizes the need for an “employee experience change coalition” so HR doesn’t go it alone. Knowledge should be interwoven at every stage.

Questions We Explore:

  • What does the employee journey map contain and why does it matter?
  • Where does the employee experience usually go off track and how can knowledge help?
  • How does living knowledge create confidence and autonomy vs. frustrating searches?
  • What tools and resources can help organizations empower employees through knowledge?

Critical Insights for Knowledge-Centered Organizations

This episode explores the connections between engaged employees, customer experience, and knowledge management.

“When we start thinking about knowledge management in that way, it really is much more a holistic approach to making your business more cohesive versus, ‘hey, this is just another piece of software,’” explains Jamieson.

Instead of focusing on goals and tickets, create space for employees to grow. Knowledge builds confidence to serve customers and drive innovation. To create a thriving culture, put knowledge at the heart of the employee journey.

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